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Full Clip Sensual NURU massage with Gizelle Blanco and Codey Steele hd

A businessman, Codey Steele, arrives for a massage. The masseuse, Gizelle Blanco, notices that Codey seems tense, and asks if he's okay. Codey explains that he has to give a speech at a big conference, and he's hoping that reducing his stress will help boost his confidence. Gizelle is happy to assist with that, and they both get undressed for the massage. There are flirty vibes as she gives him a sensual NURU massage, and Codey says that he's starting to feel better. Gizelle eventually starts massaging Codey's cock, flirtatiously reminding him that it's a full body massage. Codey enjoys it, so she then gives him a blowjob to help him relax even further. Before long, he is eagerly pounding his cock into her, so it looks like the confidence boost definitely worked!